band name The Four Deltas submitted by John Parkes who's in the picture John Parkes, lead guitar; Mick Ivinson, rhythm guitar; Jeff Clennell, bass; Terry Belcher, drums. where was the band based Doncaster, UK years active Early - mid 1960's musical influences ... notes There were two agents who booked gigs for us - Ernie Beattie Varieties and Robin Eldridge Agency, who seemed to have the area tied up between them. We played the whole clubland circuit and most of the dance halls from the North East to the South Midlands. brushes with fame One foggy Wednesday evening at the Co-op Emporium Doncaster, on the third floor, which was a restaurant/large dancehall (every Wednesday night was BEAT NIGHT), we were booked to support a band from Liverpool. Ernie Beattie did not think they would turn up, due to the Foggy weather, but they did and set their gear up on stage alongside ours. They had just returned from Hamburg in Germany.Yes, it was The Beatles! and a scruffy lot they were at that time, not that well known outside of Liverpool. We played alongside such artists as The Bachelors at The Lyric Hall Dinnington near Rotherham (the only place for miles with electric stage curtains!). Our drummer Terry actually played on stage with The Bachelors, as they had no drummer with them. We played with Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders at the De-Montfort Hall Leicester; Johnny Kidd & The Pirates at St James Street Baths, Doncaster and The Corvettes, recording artists from Manchester, at The Co-op Emporium. where are they now I play lead guitar in a Shadows Tribute band called The Apaches. - Old Wild Men - The unsung heroes of rock and roll